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Jayakumar, was born and raised in the family of gentile in small village in the year 1984.when he was gentile he took Baptised and delivered it before he, knew that there would be there praise of salvation. Then at the youth for Christ ministry was lead his salvation and then receive pastor Jayakumar salvation. Then he dedicated himself to the work for a full time and of lord for a full time and completed his studies M.div, and served as a family today. They have begun this ICMM and are doing it with faith, according to the God’s will. By this, gospel has been given to many hundreds of people in personal manner, and we continue to provide gospel books and God has done miracles and witness have risen up, Glory to the name of God.The ICMM’s visions are first duties of the service, and the servant of the Lord, our goal is to declare the gospel to all people UN to all languages, planting of the church, Assitance to poor by taking up social fountains for the Glorify the name of God

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