Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost : Matthew : 28;19

The ICMM History

Many years later, Pastor: Jayakumar had a soul burden that would begin a new ministry in my heart, when I had been doing other ministries, on the basis of this, the India Christ manner mission was started in the year 2017. And ICMM is function as a centre of palladam. The Jayakumar has been at his sixteenth age saved who has been walking with God in spiritual life for the eighteen years After the bible study,Pastor: Jayakumr married J. Kavitha in the year 2014, Five years later God gave the girl baby J. Joy Rennet she is one and half years old and J.Kavitha has received the calling and has completed bible study BTh thus we are fulfilling the ministry of lord. ICMM clearly understand these three things from the holy bible that were in the ministry of Jesus He came to the lecture about the near and the Heavenly kingdom mathew:4:17.secondly he said to peter, I will build my church on you matthew:16:18, Thirdly, the great order of the disciples matthew:28:19,20. So ICMM have therefore to practice And all the teaching of Jesus, ICMM aim to prepare the people for the arrival of the father of son of the Holy Spirit and Glory of the bride, that we may live by the teachings of his apostles, and that may keep them.


ICMM filed and Present ministries

ICMM ministries part pall dam according 2011 the 0.01% percentage of Christians in the palladam and others are full, No current information given palladam is a first down of trirupur district in the state of tamilnadu india, palladam is a major down with large source of income. The most are living as people who do not meet; we are currently working on the ICMM ministries among such people we are do the following ministries Evangelism, issuing pamphlets on the gospel, prayer, home meeting, conduct pasting prayers, monthly magazine, continue to pursue such a ministries, and there are many souls blessed with the of the voice Jesus, In future according to the way of Holy spirit the ICMM shall be guided by the people of many things. Social work through Trust In the view of needs of the people, through ICMM trust that will provide assistance to the poor and humble for the glory of God.

ICMM beliefs

The Holy Bible is revealed by the spirit of god and Trinity: or three divine persons namely, The Father and Son and of the holy spirit work together, and water immersed b and baptism and talk of the foreign tongues is necessary for the spiritual life and after death of this world we hope to have resurrection Jesus Christ was first of those who died and had raise to life and life filled by the holy spirit is different from the world and church to be ready for the second coming of the Jesus Christ at last we believe the Judgement of God and eternal life are eternal hell.

ICMM Church ministry

Church Apart from the ICMM church, another name will act under the Supervision of India Christ manner mission, I have no church at present, when pastor calls, I am sharing the words of God in their church, and otherwise I am going to the assembly. God has called me to the Pastoral ministry; we are now continuing the service of Gospel, there are few faithful to us, and they must unite and conduct the church. These factors have prevented the church worship from economical degraded. We are praying to God to meet economic needs to meet in the Holy Spirit speak to you, help us to our ministry, you can take responsibility for cause, for our monthly needs, or to buy a land for the church or own a building or give it small amount of dollars in a single time, they saved and used for the ministry, we will sent you information E- mail to. Jesus said the mustard seed is small, and when it is grown, many birds come and stay, we are the most important people who will help us in the situation like this verse we will take you to our ministry , while the Lord bless us, And you shall know that day, how much we are faith full God and you. Please help us by asking you, we are pray for you and my god bless Thank you.

Quote Of The Day

God loves us all

4 One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

Psalm 27:4