Ministries - My best wishes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ are delighted to meet you again through this; I would like share some of the ministries and personalities that took last year. God graced to leave the old year into the new year in the past year may the lord make me living witness, as he promised, I will bless you, and multiply you Genesis12:2 may glory to be the Lord, in the past year, infectious disease of corona has kept all the all the nations of the world in lockdown in this situations under the circumstances, all the ministries and church services were being held online, and I too had been suffering of ten days from severe fever and physical pain and that’s all covid19 has to come to I thoughts I would not survive anymore And I prayed to the lord in my heart that I should not die without doing ‘your work but that should not die, but live and do thy ministry. According to the word that the Lord has wonderfully given to our ministry from sickness’ he has given me happiness, the people of God, and has kept me alive today. Even this 2021 the Lord has given the promise of an alert not ignore the trivial beginning Zechariah: 4:10 for who hath despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the Lord, which run to and from the whole earth. The covid19 is the barrier stone, unable to go where we thought it was to suit this word, and even for the ministry many people think that it may be jolly in this situation, but the lord says this is just the beginning of my visit

Therefore continue this spiritual life before covid19 and to the ministry pray to the lord to receive the holiness required for his coming we have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit to read the scriptures and to hold fast to the lord. Which is little touch of god and we children of god still have to see the great things and that second impact of covid19 and from this second phase of the corona wave the nations, children of god, and pray that it completely removed from midst.

Personal words from pastor Jayakumar - I met an accident two years ago, the helmet I was wearing that day saved my life, and if not I would have died. I could buy a two wheeler but I had no money to buy a helmet after buying a helmet, I am alive by the grace of god today with that helmet. Many pastors have such things I am not writing for pity, in fact, this is how our ministry going there are many economic shortages to help us and do help others even if you offer only one dollar, I accept it, I’m full of heart. There are things monthly requirements we are depend only god. Extend your helping hand and donations and give your heart full offerings.


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