The Church Planting of The India Christ manner mission.

The India Christ manner mission (ICMM) Welcome to Christ Jesus again you for more than five years we have been doing ministry in palladam, such as declaring Gospel, house meetings, fasting meetings, strengthening the people by the word of the Lord, and praying, Thus the monthly magazine voce of Jesus, which we publish has been a blessing to many, and this he has raised our heads so that our ministry people know that we are servants of God. Now we pray for the construction of the Church to take this ministry to the next level, to enable the devotional award of the people from the Gospel ministry. At present we need the for the church urgently, so we are praying for a small land for the church in the Lord, The vision give to us the Lord palladam is a fast growing small city so here want to build god’s church so that there is place for him, give us few seconds to our ICMM ministry and review us, Extend the hand of your help and pray, I urge you to give us every help you do to grow our India Christ manner mission ( ICMM) and to give us the ministry , if the spirit of lord speaks in your heart to buy a small place for the church, to bear with your generous offering and moneys, contact us by E-mail we pray for that the lord God bless you.

In his ministry